cell testing & surface quality monitoring solutions

Since 1994, Our Most Popular Systems for Testing, Measurement & Monitoring of Solar Cells & Other Sources of Renewable & Sustainable Energy.

Solar Cells Testers

Solar Cell Testers are integrated systems incorporating Solar Simulator and I-V Measurement systems. PET offers Standard and Advanced IV Measurement software.

I-V Measurement Systems

The Solar Cell I-V Curve Data Acquisition System calculates the solar cell parameters, generates printable test reports and saves test data in text files.

Solar Simulation Systems

Photo Emission Tech manufactures & markets cell testers and solar simulation systems that are also known as sun simulator that provide full spectrum light equivalent to the sunlight.

Surface Quality Monitors

PET produces non-contact surface contamination & thin film detection models with automated surface quality monitoring systems capable of detecting thin layer contamination, films & coating at the Angstrom level.

Testing of LCPV Cells require Solar Simulators that have intensity concentration of 2-10 suns (2,000-10,000 w/m² or 200-1,000 mw/m²). Testing of HCPV Cells require Solar Simulators that have intensity concentration of ≥200 suns (≥200,000 w/m² or ≥20,000 mw/m²). These Solar Simulators deploy concentrating optics consisting of Fresnel lenses that concentrate Solar Simulator output to intensities that match the LCPV or HCPV Cell testing requirements.


  • Concentrated PV Cell testing
  • Photo-biological studies of plants, animals, and cell cultures
  • Semiconductor testing
  • Photo-toxicity research
  • Material degradation research
  • Accelerated UV and solar exposure testing of color fastness and material stability for paints, textiles and plastics
  • Atmospheric photochemical pollution research

The Solar Reference cell from PET is designed for calibrating the irradiance of the solar simulators used for testing solar cells or panels. They can also be used (with supporting equipment) to measure the temporal stability and/or non-uniformity of the light beam of solar simulators.


Reference cell is used for measuring and setting the intensity of solar simulators for one sun (or other user desired) intensity condition. They are also used to calibrate the IV Measurement system photo-detector intensity to match the measured ISC to calibrated ISC.

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