About Us

Photo Emission Tech., Inc. (PET), a California Corporation, started business in 1994. Prior to that the company was doing business as Photo Acoustic Tech., Inc. since 1983. Until recently the company’s main business was manufacturing and marketing Optically Stimulated Electron Emission (OSEE) systems that are used for quantitatively checking surface cleanliness, monitoring, evaluating and optimizing cleaning processes.

In 2001, PET started designing, manufacturing and marketing Solar Simulation Systems and IV Measurement Systems. Solar Simulation Systems simulate the spectra of the sun in the earth’s atmosphere or in space. Applications include testing solar cells, environmental exposure testing and studying of photochemistry / photobiology effects.

PET was the first company to offer a fully integrated Cell Tester. Currently PET has wide range of Solar Simulator models that offer 30mm x 30mm area of illumination to 400mm x 400mm area of illumination. We also offer several models of IV systems that provide a current measuring capability from 1A to 20A. Our systems are the latest design and have the best user interface and control convenience on the market.

Our Cell Testers and Solar Simulation Systems meet Class A requirements of ASTM E927-2010, IEC60904-9 Edition 2.0 2007-10 and JIS C 8912-1998: amendment 1-2005 & Amendment 2-2011 requirements.

In 2006, the company moved its office to its current location. PET purchased a 4,500 Sq. Ft. building that currently houses the design, development, manufacturing and marketing & sales activities.

We believe in establishing a lifelong relationship with our customers by providing cell testing solutions and surface quality monitoring systems at an affordable cost, technical support and after sales support. Our staff is dedicated to serving its customers’ needs with a commitment to highest quality service. We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.


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