Technical Papers for Cell Testing & Surface Quality Monitoring Solutions

Technical Papers for Cell Testing & Surface Quality Monitoring Solutions

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Application Note: Surface Preparation for Wire Bonding
David Jackson, CleanLogix

How Clean is Clean? Defining Acceptable Cleanliness Levels
Mantosh K. Chawla, Photo Emission Tech., Inc.

Using OSEE For Selecting Among Alternative Surface Cleanling Processes
Mantosh K. Chawla, Photo Emission Tech., Inc.

A Noncontacting Scanning Photoelectron Emission Technique for Bonding Surface Cleanliness Inspection
Dr. Raymond L. Gause, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Summary by Mantosh K. Chawla, Photo Emission Tech., Inc.

Pre-bond Quality Assurance of CFRP Surfaces Using Optically Stimulated Electron Emission
K. Brune, L. Lima, M. Noeske, K. Thiel, C. Tornow, S. Dieckhoff, M. Hoffmann, D. Stubing

Surface Analytical Approaches Contributing to Quality Assurance During Manufacture of Functional Interfaces
Kai Brune, Christian Tornow, Michael Noeske, Thorben Wiesner, André Felipe Queiroz Barbosa, Stephani Stamboroski, Stefan Dieckhoff, and Bernd Mayer

Bond Surface Evaluation by OSEE Instrument – Titan IV Payload Fairing
R. P. Date, The Aerospace Corporation

Contamination Detection on Weld Surfaces
Ron Blake, Martin Marietta

Contamination Monitoring of RSRM Bonding Surfaces using OSEE
Robert A. Mattes, Morton Thiokol, Inc.

Copper Foil Characterization and Cleanliness Testing
Irene Artaki et al, AT&T Bell Labs

Feasibility Study of OSEE Inspection for Flux Residue on Electronic Assemblies
Christopher S. Welch, College of William & Mary

How Clean is Clean? Non Destructive/Direct Methods of Flux Residue Detection
Mark Koch, Et Al, Sandia National Laboratories
Christopher S. Welch, College of William & Mary
Urmi Ray, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Measuring the Effectiveness of Magnetic Disk Cleaning and Cleaning Processes
John B. Mandle, John B. Mandle & Associates

Optically Stimulated Electron Emission (OSEE): A Non-Invasive Technique for Contamination Detection
George Epstein & Susan S. Shlanger, The Aerospace Corporation

OSEE Determination of Fluorocarbon Lubricant Film Thickness on Magnetic Thin Film Media
Khalid T. Mahmud, Nashua Computer Products Mantosh K. Chawla, Photo Emission Tech., Inc.

Improved Detection Technique For Solvent Rinse Cleanliness Verification
Dr. Steven J. Hornung, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.

Steel Surface Oxidation after Pickling
Yume Gerenrot & David Leychkis, Ferrotech, Applied Research Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Surface Cleanliness Monitoring to Improve Coating/Paint Adhesion
Mantosh K. Chawla, Photo Emission Technology Inc.

Surface Quality Unit for Inspection by Non-Destructive Testing (SQUINT)
Tennyson Smith, Rockwell International Science Center

Testing Epoxy Composite Surfaces for Bondability
Brenda M. Parker, Materials and Structures Department, Royal Aerospace Establishment, UK Rex M. Waghorne, Fulmer Research, UK

The Evaluation of On-Line Performance Test Methods for Aqueous Cleaner for Metal Surface Finishing Process
Thomas M. Tam, Ralph Wyngarden & Anthony F. Naylor, Lockheed Corporation

The Use of Optically Stimulated Electron Emission for the Detection of Surface Contamination
C. J. Allen, C. Kerr & P. Walker, AWE, Aldermaston, Berkshire, England


A Guide to Spectroradiometry